Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Sprints

Saturday was a wash out from a training perspective due to a couple of bottles of south island pinot noir on Friday night which meant that I had no motivation on Saturday. Come Sunday morning I needed to do something to blow out the cobwebs so decided to hit the local park for some sprints.

Took the kids and they played in the playground while i jogged for 5 minutes then hit the field for 10 x sprints the length of a soccer pitch. The ground had recently been sanded for the end of the season so it was slightly soft underfoot which made the lengths a little harder.

Found I was really struggling by about the 4th length and used the walk back to really suck in some big air. Finished with a gentle jog down, some chin ups on the bars at the playground and some supine rows. Felt a million dollars afterwards though.

Then off to Mt Smart stadium, in the rain, to watch the warriors grand final. Finished the night drenched, frozen ( and they lost) but still a fantastic day.