Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rest day

Today is an enforced rest day due to work commitments and a big leaving dinner tonight for a colleague. Even my lunch break is taken up with a tribunal hearing so there is just no room for a work out today at all.

Which is OK as I am still sore from yesterdays chest and tri session at the gym. Have just embarked on a new program and it is awesome. feeling the burn everytime and hitting it hard which makes me feel so good afterwards. Love the release of all the happy chemicals after a good hard work out. Have discovered french curls/skull crushers which make me feel really weak but I just see that as a challenge to build up my under used triceps.

and then tomorrow will be back into the running to keep up with the prep for the marathon training. The countdown continues

Monday, October 25, 2010

Good Food and Training week one complete

It was the long weekend here in NZ this past weekend so the family and I embarked on a good food weekend and ate extremely well for all three days of the gloriously sunny start to summer.

Couscous with feta and roast pumpkin, filo parcels with feta and fresh spinach, broadbill steaks with lemon and pepper youghurt on wilted greens, Fresh papaya with coconut milk etc etc etc

It was just really nice to get back in the kitchen. I love cooking but very rarely get time to cook with work and training so it was nice to have the time to play.

Also got back into the rhythm of training again as I head into week 2 of the preparatioin for my first full marathon on 05/03/11. Managed 3 x 10km runs over the weekend and I had forgotten how awesome it is to run under blue skies with the sun beaming down and a slight head wind to cool one down as you run. One of life's true pleasures.

While the runs weren't perfect they certainly weren't horrible either and got through with only a little bit of soreness so am happy to be underway.

Yesterday we went out to visit the light house on the Awhitu peninsula at Manukau heads and the pics below show the kind of weather i now get to run in...yay for summer.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

136 Days to go

So a lack of running and a general lack of fitness work has led to a lack of blogging but that is about to change. With the intention of completely pushing my boundaries I have decided ( with my slightly crazy sister) to enter my first Marathon .

This event is booked for 05/03/2011 and so that means I have 136 days to get myself back into shape and to get to the 42.2km mark. I will be using this blog as an accountability tool for my training.

Started last night with a gentle 40 minute run...all I can say is that its going to be a long journey. today I am going to the gym at lunchtime for a run and then have my programme being mapped out for me tonight with my trainer.

so it begins...again