Friday, August 6, 2010

Saturday the rain

I have been so slack this week with my training due to a number of reasons...not least of which is the fact that my boss has been over from Australia and this of course means that we have been trying to cram a lot of work into three days which means a disrupted pattern.

So I woke this morning to a grey and wet Auckland day. Really starting to forget what summer felt like and wasn't immediately keen to break my week of slackness. Finally got some motivation (after 2 cups of coffee...hardly the worlds greatest pre run nutrition but in my defence I also had a banana). Got changed and headed out into the rain.

My initial plan was to do a lazy 10km and just to wander round with no time in mind. Got Half way round and I decided that my heart wasn't in the long slow run so instead I thought I should change it up a bit. So intervals began

I picked distances of approximately 100mtrs and sprinted along the footpath till I got to my target, then walked for about 100mtrs then repeated. I did this for about 4kms and during some of the longer sprints ( I added some 200mtr distances for "fun") I nearly felt like throwing up...

Of course this just inspired me to run harder on the next sprint.
I even had a bit of cheering from a car full of people...incidentally all eating out of big MacDoalds bags. they probably thought I was a bit crazy

Finally got in the door with quads aching, lungs burning, drenched from the rain and a HUGE smile on my face. I haven't done intervals in months and I forgot what an awesome, heart rate raising, endorphin releasing beast they can be. I will be working one of those sessions into my training each week from now on.

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  1. Good for you! I love tough workouts and intervals can be a real bitch...but oh, so worth it :)