Monday, May 24, 2010

and training resumes

The great thing about running half marathons is the permission I give myself to have a free day the next day. I eat whatever I want and do no training at all. The thought of the free day leading up to the event is such a pleasant reward but the reality is that I don't actually enjoy it that much. this may have something to do with the post race blues as well.

So yesterday was my free day and now that it is over I am back into my training this morning. had a reality check last night when I jumped on the scales and have put on 4kg in 4 weeks. I think this is due to not watching my intake while building up to Huntly as I was just focused on running. But it just goes to show that the hard earned weight loss can very quickly go back on if I'm not careful with what I eat.

So it was great to be up early and back to the gym this morning for a leg work out. As stated in my earlier posts, I am going to focus more on cross training to try and improve race speed. This morning got in and did a good hard squat session followed by leg press ( deep and explosive) and then finished off with some kettlebell swings (using a dumbbell). The swings were done by getting right down into squat position and explosively driving up. The work out went for 45 minutes but I am really feeling it already (only 2 hours later).

Excited about getting in and smashing this weight off again and getting faster..bring it on.

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  1. Today was my leg day as well.. I don't do the kettle bells though. I should try them, I've heard good things. Good luck with the weight loss. I am right there with you! Have a great week!