Friday, May 14, 2010

PB in almost 20km

Have been out of a couple of runs this week and have stuck to good steady10km jogs. Been sitting around the 50min mark so still not able to drive significant change there. Hoping this will change once I get through next weekends half marathon and commence my new strengthening program. Amped about it and went down to the gym a couple of mornings ago to map it out. Lots of compound exercises and heaps of good old fashioned squats, leg presses and deadlifts to strengthen my legs. Will be combining this with a plyometric program to hopefully drive the times down.

Today went for a team building exercise and climbed the Auckland harbour bridge. Was fantastic to be 67 metres above the sparkling waitemata harbour looking at the Auckland skyline. Was a great day for it too. Ended up with an early knock off so headed home, changed, stretched, strapped on hydration backpack and headed out for a 20km run (according to map my run).

Got to the 10km mark in 46 minutes and home finishing in 1 hr 34 minutes,\. This shocked me as I expected to be slower than this as my goal is to go sub 2 hours at the next half marathon. This made me doubt the distance a bit so wifey and I headed out to measure it using the car. Ended up only being a shade under 19km. But it still fills me with confidence that the sub 2 hour mark is there to be taken.

Would be a great goal to tick off seeing as I only decided to run a half marathon at start of year and this will be my third :-)

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