Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pain in the butt

Went out last night for my first training run post the T42. decided to go and thrash out a quick 10km. Legs were stilla little sore from the changed demands paced on them from the cross country running in the trails of the King Country, especially the upper VL's in the quads and my right shin. have also had a little bit of lateral hip/butt pain on the right side as well but hadn't thought too much of this. have rested for 2 days and applied lots of deep heat and massage to the quads especially over the last couple of days ot give myself a good chance of maintaining high mileage.

So headed out last night. First couple of kms felt ok but the nagging pain in my hip/butt started to ache. I thought i may be able to shake this off so I picled up the pace a bit and was heading along at 5min/km pace (which is good for me). It felt awesome to be out there in the evening air and my lungs felt brilliant and most of legs loved being back out pounding the pavement.

Got round the 10km in 50 minutes but when I got to the end the hip/butt was extremely sore. Massaged it a lot last night and after a good rest it is slightly better today. I am very worried that this is going to interrupt my training and my goal of going under 2 hours for the huntly half marathon in 2.5 weeks. Will use today as a rest day and as I am flying tomorrow for work I won't be able to get a run in so that should be two days of rest. All going well I will be able to go hard Friday/saturday and Sunday and get up to 70-80kms in for the week.

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  1. Oh no! This is what happened to me... I had soreness a couple weeks before my half. Really my hip didn't bother me at all during the race, but after the pain was bad enough I needed to take a break.

    The foam roller has proven to be my best friend. Hope your pain gets better!