Saturday, November 6, 2010

15kms of fun

Yesterday (Saturday) was a lazy lazy day where i ate bad food choices ( lots of bread) and did no exercise at all. SO I was feeling really gross today. Everyone else was going to a first birthday party and I had the choice of continuing to water blast my deck or heading out into a cloudless day and smashing out some kms.

Obviously I chose the latter and busted out a quick ( well not so quick) 15km loop. Was great to be out in the sunshine but I didn't take hydration with me so was pretty fatigued by the time i got in the door.

Ran round in 1hr 19 so it was a cruisy pace but its the longest run I have done in a while and with the Thames half marathon in 7 days it was nice to get a longer run in.

This week will be continuing to work through my gym programme for definition of upper body and doing distance running at night in prep for Thames. I have to say it again...I love summer

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