Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Summer Running and training

I love Summer. Although its not technically summer yet I am loving being able to go running at night without 3 layers and hi vis gear. Just a singlet, shorts and running shoes and out onto the roads...with the warm sun at my back. Bliss.

This week has seen me ramp up the training. I have been given a new programme at the gym and so this week I have been doing running at night and gym work outs in my lunch break from work. I love the feeling I get when I smash out a work pout during the day. Gives me energy for the afternoon. Back down today for a leg and core work out then will be hitting 10kms after work to keep up the preparation for the Marathon on 05/03/2011.

Also have a half marathon next weekend in Thames. Not feeling uber prepared for that but will be nice to go for a jog and won't be worrying too much about my time. Just using it as a good training run.

Summer really is one of life's pleasures

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