Sunday, November 7, 2010

Quince, coconut and white chocolate dessert

One of my major downfalls is that I have a bad sweet tooth. Which tends to undo a lot of the good work I do in the gym. I haven't really tried to get it under control yet because I just enjoy dessert too much.

This weekend I at least gave a passing nod to being healthy by not using processed sugar (white sugar) in my latest "play" in the kitchen ( I know ...its merely a technicality).

So last night I busted out this wee creation. It was a biscuit crumble with a firm quince jelly and a coconut, vanilla and white chocolate custard served with strawberries and grated chocolate. The tartness of the quince and the creamy smoothness of the set custard really worked well together. The Quinces were just blended and had gelatine added to them and the custard was made with coconut cream instead of milk which gave it a delicious flavour. I added a little bit of gletaine to the custard as well to help it set and then just layered it over crumbled biscuits and shredded coconut witha drizzle of honey and placed in fridge.

on the means I have to smash it that little bit harder today n the gym. But this time I almost think it was wortth it

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