Monday, April 26, 2010

Last week of training before T42

Feeling really sore today and that is not a good sign just before the T42.

had a great week of trainig last week and didn't quite manage the 100km but did get up to 82kms including a nice breezy 22kms on Saturday morning. Felt awesome afterwards and so felt good heading away for the weekedn. Ended up at a place called Maraetai (whcih is a beach I love) and stayed at an awesome B and B out there. Ended up heading into the Waitemata Harbour for some sea kayaking in the late afternoon and finsihed off the day watching the sun go down over the sea..not a bad finish

The picture above is the view from the bed at the B and B...woke up the next morning and sat and watched the sun come back up over the beach then read my paper from cover to cover (a treat as I never get to do that unninterrupted by kids etc)

then went down to Beachhaven for coffee and got a pic of me with Rangitoto in the background. Was a very cruisy Sunday morning.

This week started with a lie in and then last night a 15km run. Got round in 1hour 22 mins. Felt really good on the run but when I headed out at 5am this morning, i felt like rubbish. Legs were aching, I had a bad stitch and basically everything just felt wrong. So I stopped running and decided to just walk it out and see if things would resolve. The short of it is that they didn't so I got home (feeling very djected) and have rubbed a lot of deep heat cream into my quads to try and get them relief. Good long stretching session and they are feeling a little better. Will hopefully get out for another 15kms tonight but will have to check on how they feel.

Very very frustrating tuesday

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