Thursday, April 1, 2010


This morning we packed up and headed out of Auckland (with what seemed like the rest of the population) and headed to the beach for the long weekend. One of Ebony's best friends is getting married tomorrow so we have headed down for a few days., They have a gorgeous little apartment just back from the water at Pilot Bay and we are happily ensconced here for the next few days. Georgia is with a girlfriend and Baylee is with Mum and dad so we only have Charlia with us. One kid instead of 3...this really is a holiday :-)


So having driven down we decided to go for a walk down the mount. Stopped and grabbed some lunch and sat in the sunshine and confided in Ebony about how my motivation for going for an afternoon run was disappearing as I tucked into a grilled chicken breast and salad and one of the best coffees I have had in a long time (Real runner food huh??) Ebs, being a pragmatic as ever, said that he thought i should maybe just chuck my shoes on and my gear and go for a walk. Of course i knew that If I did that I would go for a run, so having finished lunch and meandered back to the apartment, I took the car and mapped out a 12 km route. Well is 12ish cause part of the route involved running around Mt Maunganui which is no car access so I had to guess. Eb and Charlia have gone over to see her dad on the other side of town so I put my gear on and headed out and.....
I loved it
Running along the boardwalk on a pristine day, a light headwind to cool me down, bright sunshine and a brilliant podcast on ACL repairs (everyone has their vices..mine happens to be medical podcasts). It reminded me why I love running and made up for all the bad runs I have been moaning about lately.

(Happy boy after my run...out on the balcony rehydrating and stretching)

So now I m sitting here enjoying the post run endorphin rush and at one with the going to be a great weekend.

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