Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Looking Back

The last couple of days I have been increasing my traiing as the wife and I are off to sunny Tauranga this weekend for a wedding and so I know that my training will be interrupted so trying to cram a bit more in this week. the Orewa Half is only 10 days away so need to continue to get some good quality sesisons in prior to tapering a little next week.

Yesterday morning got up and was at ther gym at 6am. Hit the bike first for some sprints as a warm up ( I had forgotten what a great way to get your heart rate up this is) then followed it up with leg press (150kg), Bench Press (70kg), Chest cross overs, dumbbell fly's and some bicep curls. A good all round work out to start the week.

Then last night after work I went out for a solid 10km run. Got round in 53 minutes but there was a strong headwind so the run didn't feel good (probably why the time was so slow). Loved the endorphins afterwards thouugh and it was thinking of these that kept me going rather than stopping.

This morning was up and at the gym again. Did a 5 minute blast on the rower then straiht into a core, bicep and tricep work out for 40 minutes. Got home, had an apple and a shower then off to work.
Because I have been feeling flat lately I took stock of how far I have come. It gave me a mental boost to think that this time last year I was fat, unhappy, unfit and now I have lost 16kgs, run a half marathon, booked for 2 more and am committed to getting fitter, faster and stronger. the pics below also gave me a before and after boost as well...

Before After

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  1. just found your blog -- looking fwd to following your journey -- keep up the great work!!!! so inspiring!!!!!