Thursday, March 18, 2010


I seem to have ht a plateau with some of my 10kms runs. The weather is changing at the moment and summer is giving way to Autumn. As a result I find that it is windier when I am out running but have also noticed that my 10kms are taking about 3 minutes longer this last week. Last 3 x 10km runs have been 51 minutes, 56 minutes and last night 52 minutes. I have been away with work for the past couple of days so also did an 8km wind down run In Rotorua on Wednesday night. Felt good to shake off the dust of the day round the lakefront.

However I am worried about my slowing times for the 10km and it is particularly frustrating when running into the wind. Am hoping that the wind is the only cause but I feel "flat" when heading out for the runs. Wondering if this is just a stage and hoping that I will be able to get through it. To break things up I am going to do some speed work/sprints and plyometric work over the weekend and I will try a longer run on Sunday (time permitting). My thought is that with taking a bit of a break and changing the training I may be able to get through this flat spot and get my times back to under 50 minutes.

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