Sunday, March 21, 2010

New 5km PB

What a great end to the weekend. After being up most of Saturday night with sick kids then driving to take Mr 6 home after the weekend, I decided to go out and blast the cobwebs away with a quick 5km TT. Started off fast and felt weak setting out which wasn't good. Hips, quads and feet all sore from yesterdays sprint session so wasn't expecting a lot from the run but decided to try push through it anyway. It was still quite warm and there was only mild breeze around so for once I wasn't running into the wind.

Got to the half way point and felt better having turned for home and so picked up the pace a little and lengthened stride. Slowed slightly just before the final Km for a small rise then blasted down the last leg. Stopped the clock at 22 minutes 40 seconds. So previous best was 23.16 so took 35 seconds off my time. Starting to think that with some more training that elusive 20 minute mark might nearly be achievable. Love getting new PB's...makes the pain worthwhile

now into the last leg of training for the Orewa Half Marathon...only 3 weeks to go...woohoo

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  1. Hey dude! So cool to have a Follower of my blog from the other side of the world. Thanks for the comment. Great job with your PB run. Looks like you're heading towards breaking 2 hours in your half in 3 weeks.