Monday, March 8, 2010

Training resumes

Day 1 and 2 are underway fo my 7 week plan to get ready for the t42 trail run. Ran to the gym last night and did a core work out as all the machines were busy and the counties rugby team had all the weights.

did 4 rounds of

10 crunches holding 10kg plate behind head
10 crunches holding 5kg plate behind head
20 bicycle crunches
10 crunches
20 icycle crunches
then 30 second side plank each side

tall the above done with no break between exercises. rest one minute then repeat. Was doubled over by the end of the 4th set. need to improve my core strength.

Then ran home.

Up this morning nice and early at 5am to run 5km to Shellton's place, did 3km with him then ran home. Was a nice way to start the morning but niticed its startingto get a bit chilly out there so won't be long and will be into the long sleeves...sigh...end of summer is near.

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