Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New PB for 10km

Went back to the Gym last night for a quick work out. Was a little pressed for time so decided to work on the legs in lieu of a run and to build up some strength. The good news is that I was able to leg press twice my body weight 160kg and then moved on to the hamstring curls. As soon as I started these my calves started cramping i gave it a rest for a couple of minutes then tried again but the calves still cramped every time I put weight on. So I gave up on the hamstring curls and moved to the calf raises. ...must be a glutton for punishment right??

Smashed out a quick 3 set on the calf raises then moved to squats. Dud a pyramid from 45kg ending up with 105kg then back down. Struggled at 105 but still pulled out one solid set.

Today was intending to run early but sleep won this morning so ended up doing 10km when i got home in a new PB of 49.14. Stoked to be under the 5min/km mark across that distance and finding that as I get fitter I am able to push harder.

Tomorrow will probably run later again and look for a 12 km burst to ramp up the kilometres. This weekend marks 7 weeks to the t42. Amped and have found an awesome set of hills to play with once i get some clear time on a weekend. Lucky I have an understanding and supportive wife as I think I may be spending some time on the roads in the next little while

Loving my running at the moment

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