Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Breaking new ground

I have been reading a lot of blogs on the net over the last couple of days and have been inspired by so many people out there doing amazing things with their journeys in running. It has also made me realise that I have so far to go. I feel great having completed the first of my goals ( the half marathon) but this has merely opened my eyes to the relaity that I am likely to have caught a lifelong bug for running. I now want to push on to the marathon. triathlon and eventually ironman.

My times are still slow, my technique is probably poor but I am genuinely excited about how much I have to learn. Also how far I have come. This time last year I struggled to run 1km and now I have run a half marathon. And I know that in time, and with a bit of coaching and encouragement I will see the times come down and my form improve. I know that I will become a marathoner and that my legs will carry me through an ironman...and the great thing is that the journey to those destinations is the fun part filled with long peaceful runs, pushing my body to new places and enjoying the new found health I now have.

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