Sunday, March 28, 2010

2 weeks till next race

It is now two weeks till my next half marathon and I am feeling particularly under prepared. My weekly running has been seriously reduced in the last two weeks so will need to use this week to try and get back on top of things again.

Because of everything else going on in my world at the moment my diet has also been suffering (read that as I have been really lazy with what I have been eating) and as a result I have put weight back on and feel generally sluggish.

So as of this morning I am back into my old eating regime which is modelled pretty closely on the paleo diet. Lots of fresh fruit and veges and avoiding grains/legumes and processed sugars wherever possible. This is much harder to follow when I am short on time as I am still a huge fan of peanut butter sandwiches (must be a throw back to my chldhood).. these , of course, do nothing but load me up with carbs which I can do without.

I do notice that I have a heap more energy when I am eating properly and so need to try and reverse out the last couple of weeks with back to good habits again. I will be pushing more on the training front as well now that kids are better. I am still lacking motivation as the weather cools but have found that just getting my running gear on is ofetn enough to get me out the door. I love it once I am out there but just find it difficult getting started....particularly when it is cold and dark out.


  1. Two weeks is still a lot of time to prepare for the half. You'll be fine. Congrats on the healthy eating choice. I wish I could say the same! Hey, what's the weather like now in your end of the world?? We're finally starting to see spring like temperatures. I'm a cold weather HATER!

  2. Getting cooler over here Rick. We are opposite you guys..moving into Autumn here. Thanks for the congrats too. I will continue to post on how the healthy eating goes. I know it showed great results last time for me