Sunday, March 7, 2010


I resumed training yesterday afternoon after giving myself a week off training after the half marathon. I didn't think I really needed a week but am glad I did although it made the first run a bit tough yesterday afternoon. Did 8kms on a very hot Sunday afternoon and found myself dehydrated at the end. Will have to focus on improving my hydration pre run to ensure my return to training goes a bit smoother. Did a 2 km burst to finish with so felt good that I was back out on the roads. And loving the Asics at the moment too. (Time for 2 kms was 9 min 25 secs )

so the next challenge is going to be the t42 trail run. You can check out the details for this run here at

will be a great trail run and my first attempt at going off road. I have roped my sister into running with me so at least have a training buddy (even though we live in different cities).

This week I commence the 7 week countdown to that race so am back into the regular training so will be back to blogging regularly. I will be also posting updates on diet as well and will be commencing a program to cut down abdominal fat as well. lots coming up...woohoo...bring on the pain.

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