Thursday, March 25, 2010

some runs just suck

Been a bit of an interrupted week this week. Miss 4months went down with a particularly nasty dose of the flu and ended up dehydrated so was hospitalised on Monday night and Tuesday so they could get some fluid into her. Because of her flu she had gone off eating and was going downhill. One tube down the nose later and she has made a great recovery.

However it meant that I was unable to get out on the roads since Sunday/. Finally got out last night (thursday) for a 10km run right on dusk. Was a bit cooler so wore a tech singlet and a T Shirt as well as my hi vis reflector vest I wear when running on roads. It was a sluggish 10km and didn't feel flowing at all, I also found I was so hot by the 5 km mark I wish I had left one of the layers at home.

Got round in a bit under the hour ( didn't time it as just wanted to get the kms in) and felt brilliant afterwards.

have been feeling really flat the last week and with minimal sleep in hospital on Monday and tuesday I have found my motivation flagging. Really pleased that I got out there and did the run last night and it is amazing how just one slow run has helped lift my mental state back up again...guess I really am getting addicted to running...eeeek

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