Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rest day

Treated yesterday as a rest day. was intending to go out for a 12km run last night but when I got home from work it had started raining and the cricket was on so ended up making a belated decision to treat the day as a rest day. My calves were still sore from the earlier work out and 10km pace run so rubbed some deep heat on them and ate some ice cream (am sure it has some medicinal

We lost the cricket by the way.

So today I will be making up for lost time. Not all was lost from yesterday as I went out and mapped a new 10km track through town using the odometer in the car. Miss 4 came with me and told me where I should be running next so have had some expert opinion on my route.

Off to the parents tomorrow for the annual St Paddy's day celebrations which should be good fun. Will be a chance to catch up with some people and to drink and eat and talk a whole lot of rubbish. Will post photos when I get back.


  1. The Anton I knew only ran when being chased! Good work dude, you're looking lean, I'm jealous haha.
    You tracking using the ipod nike thing?

  2. Hi Bro

    Its nice to see "someone" has a plan that is going well HAHAHA you go boy