Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Running backwards

So tonight I was running short of time so checked out the crossfit website and they had a cool running work out on there which i thought I would try. I was supposed to go out for a 10km blast this morning but Shellton fell ill and so I went back to bed...slack I know

So it was down to the track this afternoon after going for a walk with the better half when I got in the door. Miss 11 weeks old is going through a growth spurt so Ebs has been stuck inside all day. Miss 4 is away so we went out for a walk round the neighbourhood to get some fresh air. Dropped the girls back home and headed for the track to do

Run 800mtrs
run backwards 400mtrs
run 800 mtrs
run backwards 400 mtrs

for time

Got round in 13:56. I thought it would be so much easier than it actually was. Ended up the last 400mtrs with my quads screaming at me to stop. Who knew running backwards was so hard

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