Sunday, January 31, 2010

PB in 12.5 km run

Went out last night for a 12.5 km run and got round in 1hr 12 min which is a PB for me. Stoked with the quicker pace and managed to run the entire way including hills which helped the time. Feet stood up OK although blisters were a little tender when i got home.
Had a rest day the day before which obviously helped so I will need to make sure I have a good rest before running the half marathon as it makes such a huge difference.

Haven't done a lot else this weekend. Weighed in last night and have now dropped to below 80kgs which means that I have lost over 16kgs in total now. Psychologically its a great feeling to have cracked that 80kg barrier but will now need to focus on putting on muscle mass before the upcoming league season. Don't want to be too light or I will get smashed.

off to Hamilton today to see the parents who are taking kids on holiday so will try and squeeze in some track time when i get back

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