Thursday, January 28, 2010

PB in 5km

Quick update. Went out this morning for a 5km time trial and knocked it off in 25min 55. best yet. Still can't seem to crack that 5min/km time and I think its because I am really slack on warm up so the first km or so is a warm up of sorts and so my pace isn't up there. Might have to do some looking into better warm up patterns. It's just sooo hard when you are half asleep to stretch properly and get the muscles fired up. But if I am going to get below 25 minutes I will have to change something.

On the bright side it was another awesome morning for running. Nice and cool with heaps of people out and about obviously enjoying it the same as me.

Also went to the gym last night and did some leg work. Squatting 90kg, leg press 120kg and hamstring work. felt it at the time but no soreness this morning. Might have to move the squats up a bit. I keep forgetting what an awesome exercise that is for legs/back etc and have to make sure that I talk to Cam (PT) about changing things regarding the abdominal weight I'm carrying.

No plans to do anything tonight but that may change depending on what happens when I get home of course. I may yet have a burst of energy or may just go for a nice quite walk with the better half. Weekend ahead so will have lots of miles to go methinks...hopefully its fine

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