Monday, January 18, 2010


sooo sore after the weekends work outs. had to take Monday as a rest day and have only just got back into training today. Went for a 5km run this morning with my traithlon training buddy and it was a very leisurely 34 minutes round. Each step was painful to start with especially the right quad ( think I may have slightly strained my VL). Helped loosen me up though and seeinga s I have a sedentary job I made sure that I stretched during the day today.

Tonight I hit the gym for a short sharp back workout. Focussed on bent over rows, lat pulldowns, dumbell rows and reverse fly's. Smashed it for a quick half our then called it quits.

Tomorrow I start with another 5km run and may use it as a TT. The blisters on my feet continue to cause a problem and if this keeps up I will be needing new shoes prior to the half marathon. I would prefer to change shoes after but if my hand is forced I will have to make the decision soon so I can wear them in

oh...and found a great podcast too. The fitcast on itunes. Have become a fan very quickly..great mix of training and nutrition.

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