Saturday, January 16, 2010

Half marathon here I come

So I have decided on the back of last weekends succesful first attempot at a 20km run, to enter a half marathon at the end of February. The half will be run round thew streets of Auckland (The Cathay Pacific Auckland half) and allows me to get sponsored to raise money for heart kids which is a pretty good cause and should be extra motivation to get round those last painfulp couple of kms.

To help with my training I have downloaded a 6 week finishing programme ( ahh..the web is such a great tool for free programmes) and will be sticking to it fairly religiously to ensure that I don't collapse along the way. Went out last night and did 12.5km with hill work in 75 minutes. Again, its not lightning pace but is steady work to build up stamina. I will also be back in the gym again this week to do some leg strengthening along with my normal upper body work. Trying to ensure that I build up my running endurance but also build up muscle mass for the upcoming league season.

Going out to do some sprint work this afternoon at the local track. Going to combine some fast 400's with skips and jumping, will be a nice change from the longer runs and should give my feet a rest from the blisters I have on the bottom of my feet :-(

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