Thursday, January 7, 2010

New decade and another new blog

I've been thinking lately about how I seem to have so much to say but no forum to share it in and with the dawn of a new decade I think its probably best if I join the semi-anonymous world of blogging to get it all out there.

The new decade has dawned with me having a renewed interest in self improvement and in particular ways to capitalise on the fitness gains I made in the past year. I started last year as a recently reformed smoker carrying a lot of extra weight. I was inspired to start losing weight with the prospect of going to the UK to see my brother get married and so joined a gym. Luckily for me the gym was where my brother in law worked and so he was able to set me up with a great program. This program has reslted in a loss of 15kgs so far and having achieved this loss ( and kept it off over Christmas) I have decided to try and make a belated return to competitive sport after a period of 10 years away from it. And to really test myself I have decided to play rugby league which means that I need great cardio fitness and need to increase muscle to cope with the physicality of the game.

I have been running a little bit over the summer break but will be ramping this up next week and will be trying to document my progress here as a way of maintaining my program and recording my progression towards the winter sports season and through it.

I will be adding photos in due course to show the progress as well. I also will be blogging about anything else that piques my interests.

So welcome to my blog...Its finally online in 2010. bring on the New year

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