Sunday, January 10, 2010

20km run knocked off

This weekend turned out to be a weekend of pushing the boundaries somewhat. It started Friday night when I borrowed a crossfit style work out (slightly modified) and did 5 rounds of 400mtrs followed by 25 sit ups. Did the 5 rounds in just over 15 minutes so wasn't blistering pace but was a good wind down from the work week at the local track.

Saturday I completed 100 sit ups, 100 press ups, 100 squats and then busted out a 10km road run. The run time was 54.14 and felt good afterwards although had to rehydrate as it was still pretty warm out there at 6pm when I started the run.

Sunday I decided to push the boundary a little bit and attempt my first ever 20km run. I completed it in 1hr 58 which is ok for a first attempt but while doing the run I know that this can be improved upon. Really stoked with managing to do the entire run and it gives me some confidence that a marathon would be achievable if I decided to attempt it ( with a lot more training of course). Cosidering that 11 months ago I could only run 1km without having to stop I think I am really starting to see some progress. I stopped half way for a water break and stopped the clock for about 2 minutes as I couldn't take the water with me. Came home and ate like crazy...didn't realise how much energy a 20km run would take out of me. Particularly enjoyed my new chocolate cheesecake which was given a trial run last night.

Back into the gym tonight as it reopens after the holiday break and the countdown is now definately on for the Rugby league season. Waiting to hear about the muster which should be anytime soon although hopefully after my blisters from yesterday have healed.

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