Wednesday, January 20, 2010

blisters on bruises

My blisters have become bruises pretty quickly. Did a 5km time trial yesterday morning and only manged 27 minutes. Was pretty disgusted with that effort and have given myself an uppercut and a "must do better" talk. I would like to blame it on my sore feet but no excuses right?

Rest day today (enforced due to being out of town for work all day and an early flight) so back into things tomorrow and that will almost mark only 5 weeks till the half marathon...eeeek

On a positive note I have finished reading Quantum healing by Deepak Chopra. Pretty intense book and made me think about a lot of my conceptions of health. Am sure I will be able to utilise some of the thoughts into my training/overall health and I will be looking into meditation as a performance tool in the next little while as well. Need to find a place in Auckland that can teach me how to meditate properly though as I'm not sure dozing on the couch while watching tennis or cricket really counts

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