Saturday, January 23, 2010

Successful Sunday

Today has been a much more productive day on the fitness front. I have managed to squeeze in a gym session this morning where, to make up for my tardiness during the week, i did a chest and arms work out.
Bench Press
Incline Bench
Cable cross overs
Dumbell bicep curls
Cable dumbell curls

and finished off with some swiss ball press ups which I felt rocking my core...ouch but good.

Also had a text this morning from my brother in the UK and the shoes are on their way tomorrow which is great. Means that I will pick them up for about half the NZ retail cost...and hopefully they will help with the blister situation (which are actually resolving after a little while off long runs)

Then this afternoon went down to the local track where i stated off with some gentle warm up laps then did 3 x 400mtr sprints. I suffered doing the sprints. Have done some 100mtr sprints but has been a long time since i have attempted to sprint 400mtrs. It was hideously hard so I think I will be working on improving my times. I ambled round in times of 1.25; 1.26 and 1.29. Tried lengthening my stride on the last lap and this managed to shave 3 seconds off the previous lap even though my lungs were burning.

Afterwards I did three sets of 5 x stair runs followed by 10knee to chest jumps. Was a nice plyometric work out for my sunday arvo.....and made my lungs burn like they haven't done in a while which is fantastic.

Finding that the more I train the more I realise how unfit I am and how much I need to improve...its very motivating

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