Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Workout

Not long back from the track and I decided against doing the fast 400's as training and opted instead for a crossfit style work out. The main motivator was the fact that every step was painful due to the blisters on the inside of my right foot. Must do something about getting my shoes looked at at some stage.

So instead of the sprints I did 5 rounds of

50mtr walking lunge
100 Mtr Broad Jumps
200 mtr sprint

completed the 5 rounds in 24:42 and was wrecked after it. Work outs like that really let me know how unfit I am and give me an awesome feeling once I complete the work out. It also motivates me to get fitter and stronger so that my lungs and legs don't burn as much the next time i do something like that.

Ebs (wifey) has gone to the supermarket and got me some thick plasters which I will put over the blisters with antiseptic cream as the training continues tomorrow morning with a 35 minute jog scheduled. I think I may just go for a 5km blast and see how the feet hold up.

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