Friday, January 22, 2010

Hmmm...rainy days suck

Today has been a pretty blah today when it comes to the weather and by association my training. The better half slept in till late due to our 10 week old keeping her up all night. Which meant I was daddy day care for Miss 4 and a half. This involved sitting at the table doing Barbie jigsaw puzzles for three hours. I actually enjoyed every minute of it but it meant that I was unable to stick to my plan of going to the gym this morning for a leg workout.

So instead I checked out some cool stuff on you tube on plyometric exercises and will start incorporating some of this into my weeks work. I also busted out my first ever completely vertical hand stand push up. Admittedly I used the wall as support but still...gotta be happy with the start. (Actually it was 10 HSPU's but who's counting...oh wait...I was)

Also paid the entry fee for the half marathon today which means there is no backing out now. The blisters on my feet are healing so I will be strapping them up tomorrow and heading out for at least 10km to see how they cope. I have also arranged for my brother in the UK to get some better shoes out which should help as well.

I have also concocted a grandiose plan to run the London Triathlon in 2013. A long way off but it will take a bit of planning. Guess I will be able to get a few under my belt before then but will have to get over my fear of deep water before then....

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