Thursday, July 29, 2010

15km...and raining again

Last night I got home from work, nervous as I knew I had to go get a long run in before the half marathon in taupo this weekend. So I strapped my ankle up again, put on running tights and a couple of tech shirts and then headed out the door.

Started off slow to test the ankle but it felt ok so started to pick up the pace. As well as the ankle I was also worried about my fitness as I have only been seriously back into training for 2 weeks.

Breathing and ankle continued to feel great so picked up the pace again.

Had the Fitcast playing on the mp3 player which is always a good listen ( I also really really like the podcast "forever fitness" as well...check it out). The episode last night was talking ahout glute activation which i need to look a lot more into as this may help with my ongoing leg pain while running. More to be posted on this topic.

Got to the 7km mark and by this stage it was completely dark and running by street light and it started to rain...awesome. Murphy's law that it does this when I am at the furthest point of the loop. So it was wet 8kms back home again.

got in the door in 1hr 19minutes for the 15km so was happy that

a) had completed the distance

b) Ankle felt ok

c) reasonable time for the distance

This has given me a lot of confidence for this weekend for the Taupo Half.

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