Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great 5km run..and now more leg pain

Went out for a fantastic 5km run tonight in the pouring rain which was coming in sideways at such a pace it was like bing hit by ice cold needles. But it must have spurred me on to a quick 5km time. Got home in 22 minutes which is great.

Walked in the door, drenched, but happy and noticed my ankle starting to play up. But have strapped it, aplied a heat pack and resting it to get it right for Saturday.

its also Day 9 of the Whole9 challenge and I have lost nearly 2kg. I know they say not to look at the scales but I couldn't resist as I seriously feel better, more energetic and leaner. Am now banking on huge gains by the end of the challenge. I will be starting a home work out plan next week and will post the details after this weekends race report.

Roll on taupo

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