Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another 10km and Healthy Crepes

Ran another 10km yesterday bringing my weeks total to 50km. Managed to bring the time down by another minute so trundled round in 51 minutes which is still a way off my PB but better than the 56 minutes at the start of the week. The run also felt pretty good out there but I did feel a little niggle in my knee again which I will have to watch with interest over the next week leading up to the Taupo half marathon.

When I got home I got some beef out for dinner and decided to do an Asian style ginger/soy beef salad with tomatoes, lettuce, snow peas, celery, avocado. It turned out really well bit I knew I would have a sweet tooth afterwards so I whipped up some crepes. The 31 day challenge I am on says no wheat but I cheated a little and used normal flour for the crepes although I put no sugar in and used coconut creme instead of milk. I filled them up with berries, mangoes and bananas and they really hit the spot...felt so full afterwards so maybe ate a little too much but at least it was a healthy option right.

The crepes (with icecream on the side for the rest of the family. I refrained from icecream)

Today will be a day to do some speed work and hoping to schedule a session of this in for this afternoon. The day looks awesome outside so as soon as I have sorted kids out we will be off down to the park where i plan to get thoroughly outplayed in soccer by Mr 6. Sunday Mornings rock.

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  1. Those crepes look yummy! I would have enjoyed the ice cream--good job showing restraint!