Thursday, July 22, 2010

Head Cold's suck

Day 5 of the 31 day challenge and so far haven't slipped up. can't say that I have noticed any improvement but am conscious that it is only very early days. Was worried about the lack of energy with running so yesterday tried to eat a lot more during the day. Banana's, apples, dried dates, tuna etc to make sure that when I headed out for my 10Ks after work I would have something in the tank to drive me on. I am also still fighting off a head cold which isn't helping when running outdoors in the cold winter conditions...but I just keep telling myeself to suck it up and hoping it will go away soon. Doing everything i can to get rid of it so fingers crossed

have to say that it felt a little better although these headaches are still kicking me around a bit.

so that's 40km for the week and starting to feel a little better about the Taupo half marathon next weekend. i don't think it will be blistering pace ( no pun intended ) but i am confident I can get round. Will continue to train over the weekend and next week to give myself the best chance of finishing well.

and the best news....still no lateral knee pain. Loving it

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